Knowledgeable, Approachable, Motivated.

Christine Peterson Consulting

Christine Peterson Consulting believes in providing knowledgeable, encouraging and approachable information technology consulting services to libraries, non-profits, and businesses.

I’ve been where you are!

Struggling with redefining your current IT Strategy for your library or non-profit organization?


As a seasoned consultant and trainer, my dedication lies in helping others navigate the complex world of technology with a professional, authentic, and supportive approach. Together, we can forge a partnership that empowers your organization and propels it toward technological excellence.

Technology Consulting

I offer my expertise and services to all types of libraries, including academic institutions and public libraries, as well as to library consortia and non-profit organizations.

Technology Training

I bridge the gap between various technical and non-technical staff by facilitating understanding and collaboration.

Public Speaking

I deliver insightful and engaging presentations, provide consulting services, and conduct participatory training sessions.

Recruitment and Hiring

I create tailored job descriptions, provide thorough candidate screenings, and help identify the right individuals for the job.

By partnering with me, you will build a skilled and motivated IT team poised to drive the organization’s success and growth.

Why you should work with me:

01Helping others is my passion. My ability to connect with audiences and clients, coupled with my deep understanding of technology, allows me to deliver practical and actionable guidance.

02I have an encouraging touch to guide you through the world of technology.

03I am an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. I am able to explain the value of the AWS Cloud, the AWS shared responsibility model, security best practices, AWS Cloud costs, economics, and billing practices.

04I tailor all solutions to align with each organization’s specific goals and requirements.


I have had the unique opportunity to work with Chris in a client role, as a colleague, and also as an employee. Her work in all roles is marked with professionalism, an active desire to learn new technology, and a listening style that demonstrates her value of others. A highly relatable communicator of technical concepts to a non-technical audience, Chris is simply one of the best in librarianship at making complex concepts understandable. I recommend her unreservedly as a consultant, an advocate, a trainer, and a project implementer to libraries and community organizations.

Robert Williams, Williams Consulting, former colleague at Amigos Library Services

Over the past eight years, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Christine on various library technology projects. During this time, I’ve been genuinely impressed by her dedication to helping libraries embrace technology solutions and navigate the intricacies of integrating these platforms into their operations. One of the standout qualities Christine has is her ability to communicate complex technology concepts in a way that resonates with librarians, making it inclusive and accessible to everyone. I’ve been impressed with her thoughtful approach and insightful questions while collaborating with fellow librarians on various technology projects. Christine understands the nuances between academic and public libraries and she addresses their technology needs accordingly. She has a strong commitment to prioritizing libraries’ best interests and won’t compromise on their values or take shortcuts. Working withChristinehas been rewarding, and I have witnessed her passion for empowering libraries through technology firsthand. I wholeheartedly recommend her for any future projects in this field, as she would undoubtedly be an invaluable advocate and practitioner for their technological advancement.

Paul Swanson, Technology Director, Mintitex

Chris Peterson has devoted her career to keeping Texas libraries on the leading edge of technological change. Throughout my career, I have depended on her for assistance with technical projects from Internet to e-books to cloud-based solutions. She’s a patient trainer, a knowledgeable consultant, an excellent project manager, and every librarian’s friend.

Judith Hiott, former librarian, Houston Public Library

Christine Peterson is one of the most innovative and creative librarians practicing today. I have known and worked with Chris since the 1990s and throughout that time–and over various projects–I have always found Chris to have a deeply passionate dedication to delivering to librarians the technology tools that will make their work more effective, more efficient, and more powerful. Most recently, I have admired Chris’s dedication in bringing e-book technology to libraries and she was instrumental in creating a highly effective e-book model for libraries in Texas and across the country. I have known very few other people with Chris’s level of intellect, curiosity, and technical expertise. I envy anyone the experience of working with Christine Peterson to leverage technology to deliver the highest quality of library service.

Mark Smith, former Texas State Librarian