I’m Christine Peterson,

Your Future Technology Consultant.

My journey started with curiosity . . . 

My journey in the technology and library field started with a natural curiosity and a strong desire to help others. I have always been a change agent and enjoy the constant learning that goes along with that. Even in my first professional position as a Reference Librarian, I was drawn to the technology services being implemented.


Throughout my career, I worked in diverse roles, including as a systems librarian for academic libraries, a technology consultant and trainer for the Texas State Library & Archives Commission and Amigos Library Services, and as a departmental manager throughout. In addition, I have worked with standards development, contributed to both my state and national library associations, and volunteered in my local school and public libraries.

My educational background includes an MLS in Library Science from Indiana University – Bloomington, complemented by a BS in Music from the same institution.

At Amigos Library Services, I led teams to develop, implement and support open-source services like Hyku, SimplyE, and eShelf. During this time, I extensively researched and analyzed open-source opportunities to benefit the Amigos organization. I continue to take pride in working with libraries, identifying their needs, and finding practical solutions.


With a career dedicated to libraries, I’ve had the privilege of working both in or for each type: school, public, academic, and special libraries. My technical background and ability to bridge the IT and staff gap sets me apart from other consultants. I possess a unique skill in understanding technical jargon and challenges, allowing me to translate them into easily understandable terms. My approach translates into a rewarding and enjoyable experience when integrating technology into libraries and non-profit organizations.

Struggling with redefining your current IT Strategy with your library or non-profit employees?

Over time, my values have evolved and strengthened. . . . 


As the owner of Christine Peterson Consulting, I continuously strive to offer trustworthy and reliable services coupled with an encouraging touch to guide you through the world of technology.


My individual style and personality are rooted in my strengths as an achiever, learner, and responsible individual who values harmony and empathy. Helping others is my passion, and it extends far beyond the realm of technology. Whether it’s baking cookies, offering a ride to the doctor, or fixing technical issues, I’m always ready to lend a helping hand.


Having worked virtually for over two decades, I’ve honed the art of balancing independent and collaborative work. Honesty and directness define my approach, but I pride myself on maintaining positive relationships with everyone I encounter.

Collaboration and partnerships are important to me, as I believe working together rather than competing results in stronger services.

My Standout Strengths

is the ability to communicate effectively and translate between technical and non-technical staff. This skill ensures seamless technology integration into your organization, fostering efficient workflows and maximizing productivity.


Help you organize your vision, program, budget, and workflow


Provide guidance, explanation and translation between and among the technical and non-technical staffs


With a deep understanding of each type’s unique challenges and needs,
I bring versatile approaches and points of view.


Reduce the anxiety causing tension in your workplace by being the leader and focal point of your project