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Christine’s Media Resources

Christine Peterson, along with her fellow librarians, engage in a thought-provoking conversation regarding the obstacles and objectives associated with e-books in the library realm. She adeptly expounds on the concept of open access reading and provides valuable insights into the notable SimplyE initiative. Furthermore, Christine’s illustrious portfolio encompasses her involvement in the development of a fundamental API tool set, specifically tailored for the library industry.

DPLAfest 2016: Library E-book Platforms: An Update

DPLAfest 2016: Library E-book Platforms: An Update (2016; video)

With three other librarians and staff, Christine discussed the challenges e-books present to libraries. During this session, the panel discussed the goals and states of both library-owned platforms and consortial solutions, innovative technologies, and the possibility of a “national e-book platform.”

Taking Control Using Academic SimplyE: Our Journey to an Open Reading Landscape”

“Taking Control Using Academic SimplyE: Our Journey to an Open Reading Landscape”(2021: video presentation)

Christine Peterson collaborates with librarians from universities and consortia to explain a possible future that describes the support of open access reading for students and faculty.

NISO Recommended Practice: “Flexible API STandard for E-Content (FASTEN)

NISO Recommended Practice: “Flexible API STandard for E-Content (FASTEN) (2019; document)

This Recommended Practice sought to establish community, vendor, and developer needs in transmitting library-related information related to serving licensed electronic content and to create a foundation API tool set that the library industry can build on to fulfill an array of user and library needs. Christine Peterson worked  with a variety of librarians globally in creating this recommendation.

“The Library is Open: SimplyE”

“The Library is Open: SimplyE” (2019: podcast episode)

Christine Peterson discusses Amigos Library Services’ involvement in the SimplyE project, developed by the New York Public Library. SimplyE was developed as an open-source project that allows library patrons to use a single app that will access a library’s multiple ebook and audiobook collections. Listen as Christine discusses hosting, marketing and their support of the SimplyE platform.